Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Party Is Over

A year has passed, I had a birthday a couple of months ago and a new decade is staring me in the face. True reflections and changes I need to make in my life don't start in January. I've found that if I'm honest with myself and want to make a serious impact; the new year starts with my birthday.

The truth of the matter is that I don't celebrate for just one day. I celebrate the whole month. Don't get me wrong, I'm not whopping it up going from party to party, toasting myself nor am I eating cake. Most of that time is spent looking back over the past year. Looking at what's been happening in my life and seeing what changes I need to make. I like to think of think of it as a business plan for my life. Things that didn't work for me, I let go and put my focus on the things that add value.

When I revamp and make these positive changes I feel energized. Then its time to put that new energy to work. To celebrate me. To try new things. To do stuff I've always wanted to do. Go places. Meet new people. And, in the process hope that I've become a better person and learned a thing or two.


Leola - Southshoreartist said...

well said :)

Crafty Sue said...

Looks so much like New Year's resolutions... I wish you a Belated Happy Birthday and hope you can fulfill the positive changes you plan to make on your life.
Lots of GOOD LUCK WISHES to you my friend!

Lynn said...

You are more goal-oriented than me. I celebrate my birthday for a week but I don't review the past year. lol
I just bop along loving and living the best I can. When you are looking up or forward as you do, life has a way of making you a better person.

BTW, you've been tagged. Pop over to my blog to get the details.

alex said...

Well then I have to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I like this way of celebrating your birthday

lawmacs said...

Glad to know you a little bit better next year this time i will know why i haven't seen or heard you for a whole month happy belated birthday and glad to have you back sis.

GulfGal said...

Great post, Delores.
My birthday is coming up--how fast the time has flown, and also the unheeded roadsigns I wish I'd noticed and acted upon.
I'm definitely looking forward to maintaining a more consistent exercise schedule for my back. I'm in physical therapy now for a locked
sacroiliac and hope for a recovery soon. I can't sit for more than a few minutes without hurting, so I'm off the chair soon.
You are on a good track, Delores, with all that your occupied with, and hope to be soon. You're an amazing lady and email friend, and always wish you the best in your endeavors and challenges!

Doreen said...

Sorry this is coming a little belated but hoping you are still celebrating I send you my love and best wishes for the coming year. Delores, you are an amazing lady and you always inspire me : )